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Vintage Tugboat


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Welcome to my favourite project, the Vintage Tugboat!

This is a tribute to the LEGOLAND 4005 set, The Tugboat from 1982, which I still have in my collection. Actually, the hull of this project is from the original set, and it still floats perfectly with its keel.
I wanted to create a similar Tugboat to the original one, so the size, the structure, the functions, and the main colours (including minifigure clothing and hat) are the same. The set is a stable and easy-to-build one, so it can be suitable toy for kids. Due to the fact that LEGO hasn't released any Tugboat since 1982, I guess this could be an interesting idea.

The project includes:
- A minifigure with captain hat
- An oil barrel and a foldable wooden seat in the front part of the boat
- Life belts on both sides of the cabin
- An anchor with a rope
- A broom and a lamp on sides of the cabin entrance
- Gauges, a drawer, the wheel, the radio, and a keypad inside the cabin
- Foldable spots, speaker and the boat antenna on the top of the cabin
- A bag, a wooden seat and the captain's cup and drink in the middle of the deck
- An operating tow hook, motor grille and chimneys on the back part of the deck
- The tow hook operation panel and tools (hammer, wrench, engine degreaser) on the sides of the tow hook.

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