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Santa Fe Super Chief Locomotive

If you want to see more details of this creation, then you can check out the funny stop motion animation that I've done: 

The train has a mainly red and light bluish gray color scheme, with a yellow line/arrow going across the locomotive.


It has the following features:
  • a spacious cabin for the conductor, with lots of details inside, such as: levers, control panels, a steering wheel, and a seat;
  • two large headlights located on the nose of the locomotive;
  • large windows, built using an intricate technique; 
  • a yellow arrow going through the body of the locomotive, being realized through advanced building methods ( no stickers used );
  • a detachable roof, with many details on top of it, such as: two horns and four vents aligned one after another;
  • a simulated door at the back;
  • and large angles of rotation for both wheel assemblies, going easily through curves.