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The Gallery


Welcome to "The Gallery", do you want to relax and enjoy the views with a coffee,

have lunch or a walk through our vines and flowers decorated by our Gardener ?

An old place adapted to contemporary times, with arches crossing the building,

high relief sculptures, a centenary clock and a curved roof with facades on both sides.


In the corner you can find and exclusive Banana Store where you can find the technology

of the moment.


It is a busy corner, we are in the downtown area, a shopping area and a lot of fuss,

this building has the particularity that our characters can cross through the building

to avoid stumbling on the main street.


There are accesses through the gallery to enter the stores.

The building consists of 1 base, 8 sections and 4 moving parts in the sections.

Play between the stairs until your reach the terrace, rest on the sofa at the entrance

take some pictures of the seagull on the palm tree.

A nice Cafe for a nice city.









-Banana store Staff


+ It also includes a seagull

Hope you like my project, i did it with the best of my intentions

I will also willing to put images that you ask me through the updates

I also take the oppotunty to leave you a link with another project from Lego ideas

Thanks for the support!


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