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Golden Century Building


Golden Century Building

Welcome to this 17th century building representative of de German Golden age. 

The action doesn´t stop here! The police suspect a thief near the jewelry store,
his police dog sniffs.
A business woman who talks a lot with his phone visit a very professional carpenter
who is making a chair and fixing a piece of furniture.
Below the pages go through the bookstore, a very cozy place with a lot of history. 
There you will be attended by the bookseller who spends hours helping people like
the musician or the dressmaker. In this corner of the city there is always a lot of 
movement, the messengers and the bikes make the activity happy.
It is a modular building with four sections:
-Ground floor: Antique jewelry and bookstore
-first plant: carpentry workshop
-Second floor: Luxury Apartment
-Attic: the dressmaker's attic
-This idea includes 9 minifigures: sweeper, dressmaker, jeweler, carpenter, bookseller, 
 businesswoman, police, messenger and musician
- It also includes: a police dog, a rat and a cat
-The jewelry has many rotating elements, an antique vintage carpet, mobile cabinets,
 secret walls, shine everywhere. Can you find the secret door?
-The carpentry, offers a lot of fun, sliding door of a real workshop, carpenter's table, saws,
  varnish, drills, restoration. A real enjoyment of the trade of wood.
-The luxury apartment has no waste. Of our minifigures, we still do not know who lives here.
  We know for sure that there is something to hide in the chaise longue.
  A fully furnished apartment with furniture that resembles the past years.
-The attic is perhaps the warmest part. The wood makes this place a cozy place,
 where the fabrics rest on antique furniture, the sewing machine does not stop.
 It is an attic with a lot of history and with a lot to hide.

The building has a height similar to the official set 10224. It is compatible 
with the official modular buildings.

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