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Pacific Rim - 10th Anniversary

This is for all the Mecha fans :)

Pacific Rim is a 2013 film with awesome Giant robots fighting Kaju (giant monsters), directed by Guillermo del Toro. This year marks the 10 years anniversary of the movie~
I created this project to celebrate the awesome world of Pacific Rim, and to get an official LEGO Pacific Rim set made, for Mecha fans who love the movie.

This project features the main Jaeger (giant robot) in the movie: Gipsy Danger, built with Lego system and technic elements. Here are some specs of this LEGO Mech:

Height: 20.2” / 51cm
Weight: 1.1kg / 38.5oz
Made of ~1350  Lego elements

  • Armor: The armor is created with a mix of system and technic elements. In the forearm and thighs, technic panels are used to get the unique shapes and layers of the armor. The forearm panels can flip open to reveal the inner mechanical details. Each thigh also has double pistols near the top, just like in the movie.
  • Dual pilot system:  The head opens to reveal the dual pilot system inside. The mini-statue elements are used here to represent the pilots :)
  • Plasma canon:   Just like in the movie, the hand can transform into the plasma canon. It has articulated fingers (it can make the iconic fist-palm gesture). It also opens to become the canon. Extra blue elements are added to get the plasma energy look.
  • Sword weapon can be attached to the forearm. Quarter tiles are added on top to get the whip sword pattern.
  • Robust body frame: technic elements are used to create a robust body frame with many joints and degrees of freedom. In the shoulders and knees, double ratchets are used to get the best reinforcement. Double ball joints are used in the ankles to get best mobility.
  • Mechanical Details: The half exposed inner frame is shown in the photos above. Pipes, pistols and artificial muscles are included in the chest, thighs and forearms. I think Lego Mecha fans would appreciate these details :D
  • Bonus design notes: To stay accurate to the movie, there are vents in the back and legs. There are also coolant vents in the "rib pipes", used to freeze the Otachi's tail when fighting Kaiju. The shoulder plates uses the "hot air balloon" element, as its curves fits perfectly.
  • Minifigures: The set comes with minifigures of Raleigh and Mako, the two pilots of Gipsy Danger, both in drift suits. They both hold a transparent piece, representing the hologram when they control the robot.

If you want to bring LEGO Pacific Rim set home, then vote for this project by hitting the “Support” button~ Cheers!

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