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Biological Sciences

Inspired by Research Institute (21110), I assembled vignettes that represent research in the field of biology. 

From left the right: a technician with a bottle, a climate controlled green house, a molecular biologist with flasks, a plant molecular laboratory with a fume hood and an unwelcomed mouse, a marine ecology laboratory with a sink and a stereo microscope and a runaway crab, marine ecologist with a specimen, desk with a computer, and a graduate student with a coffee mug.

The two laboratory-themed vignettes are 6x6 studs (see close up photos) and they will address the demand for more vignettes matching that of 21110.

Most biologists have a laboratory and a field component to their work. In this case, biological specimens either comes from a green house for the molecular biologist or from nature for the marine ecologist. The fume hood is a useful equipment in a molecular laboratory to safely handle dangerous chemicals. Safety is always top priority. For the ecologist, a temporary laboratory equipped with a stereo microscope is setup in a cabin nearer to nature where specimens are collected. Back at the university, a graduate student with a cup of coffee works at his desk to analyse data.

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