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Hollywood Sign!

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Hollywood is known for all the tv shows and movies produced there. The Hollywood sign is a famous image of not just Hollywood, California, but America as a whole. This Famous landmark is known worldwide as the icon of the west coast, and it would make a very good lego set.

The HOLLYWOOD sign of it's titular city Is very simple in design, and this simplicity (coupled with it fame) allows it to be recognizable at any scale.

Here are some of the ways that this sign could be made:

This is a moderately sized model of the design. A simple knoll in the background can support the letters, and add more to the look of the landmark.

This is a large model of the sign, only. A model of the landmark that is only the sign would be useful for novelty purposes, a giant HOLLYWOOD could be placed in any work space to mimic the positioning of the famous landmark.

Finally, a tiny model of the sign, with a much larger and more detailed knoll as a backdrop. A complex build of the knoll would balance out the simple build of the sign.


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