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The LEGO Fishing Dock


Hi guys, I’m Greenflame24. Some of you already know me and some of you don’t. Some of you have seen this project and some of you have not, thats why I am resubmitting an up to date version of this project. 


    I was inspired by the modular style fishing shop that came out and wanted to build something like it, something small, something affordable, and something original. I realized there were very few actual fishing docks on here and that formed the idea. Now I will be answering a few questions you might have.


    What inspired me to build this?

    Simple, all you have to do is read the top section. Oh sorry I mean the section above this section.


    How long did it take me to build this set?

    If you don’t count the time it took me to find all of the right peaces I’d say around thirty minutes.


    How do I feel now that it has become an actual Lego Ideas set?

    What are you talking about? This is not an actual Lego Ideas set, Its just a contribution. Please don’t ask silly questions.


    Is this a modular style set?

    Well yes it is.


    What play features are in this set?

    Well for one this set has a small fishing boat with multiple different accessories. It also includes a tower which can be used as a large fishing tool. There are three different signs on the tower that Im sure Lego could come up with some clever printing to put on them. Also each section is removable. 


    Is this set meant for play or display?



    Well thats about it. Thanks for reeding and thanks for your support! Oh one more question some of you more silly people might ask is this, “Do the minifigures have names?” Well Yeah I was goofing off with my sister about the character of these three guys and we did come up with names for them. Bob the fisherman is the guy with glasses. Diver Dan is well the scuba diver of course. And Pete the dock worker is the remaining figure. Thanks again for your support, and please please please share this on social media. 


Goodbye, God bless, Greenfame24!


P.S. I am going to restrain from “Chatting” in the comment section but would appreciate feedback.

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