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Postman Pat - Greendale


(Pic. 1-3) Early in the morning, Postman Pat deliver mail all across Greendale, in his bright red van. The van has a tilting front window to access the driver seat, as well as luggage with room for all the mail. His playful cat Jess currently happens to be at the top of the van.  

(Pic. 4-5) All the birds are singing as Postman Pat stops at a dry-stacked stone wall to deliver a package, that appears to be a LEGO® set, to the mailbox next to the brown picket gate. This scene is dominated by a tree and completed with some studs-not-on-top greenery. 

(Pic. 6-7) Everybody knows his bright red van, and all his friends will smile as he waves to greet them at the train station. The platform has a clock post, a bench, and a timetable. The train itself includes a steam whistle, a golden chimney, and a cozy cockpit. 

(Pic. 8-9) Maybe, you can never be sure when Postman Pat will knock, ring, and deliver letters through your door. The tan house has a colorful roof and custom painted windows. The home also includes a hay bale, a pig, and a tractor, for the full farmer experience. 

(Pic. 10) The day is just beginning and this is your chance to promote a LEGO® Postman Pat creation. Your support makes me feel like a really happy brick builder. Vote for Postman Pat and The Greendale. Thank you, and “piece out”! 

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