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Willow - Battle of Tir Asleen


Iconic scenes

Daikini Crossroads

Willow and his companions meet Madmartigan and they had no idea what this means for their further journey ⚔️🏰

Quote 💬

Willow "Don't call me a peck!"

Madmartigan "Oh, I'm sorry! Peck! Peck! Peck, Peck, Peck, Peck, Peck, Peck, Peck!"

Bavmorda's spell

If you first watched Willow when you were a little Daikini (like me), you will surely have lasting memories of this scary (but iconic) scene:

💬 Bavmorda: "You're all pigs!" And the spell transformed all of their attackers🐷 - But good old Willow will know what to do 😉


BTW: We're now at almost 9.8k votes and as indicated in the picture: That's all folks! This is my last creation about the movie Willow.
It was a pleasure and an honor 👏👏


Easter Egg

As a fan of the Classic Castle era and because of the great response from lovers of classic sets, I was looking for a way to pay tribute to this in my project.

The frozen & cursed prisoners were a good way to do that in a subtle way.

Even if it's a small thing, it was important to me - Black Falcons rule! ⚔️😉


Willow - Classic Castle Edition

As a child of the 80's and 90's, I tried to give the Willow project a classic feel. According to the motto:
What if (there had been a set like this before)

For this creations only parts that were available in the Classic Castle period should be used - it worked with a few exceptions and some functions are also included 😉 Because I usually build with much more detail, many of these parts were unused.
I had a lot of fun building it and some nostalgic memories.


General Kael helmet

Never been really satisfied with the General minifig, I've finally built a helmet I'm able to live with 😉


Movie scenes II

Some further movie scenes to compare...


Movie Scenes I

Added some movie scenes to the action pics. Part 2 will follow soon.



Willow - Halloween Edition



Especially, but not only for adult Willow fans: Tabletop-like baseplates added for an advanced presentation. In addition some short character sheets with the categories:
Species 🐐 / Class 🧙‍♀️ /
Feature 🎯 / Movie quotes 💬

I had a lot of fun creating them & hope to hit a decent sense of humor. BTW. It was really hard to choose favorite quotes 😉



"Destroy the beast!"🗡️🔥

Even if built under time pressure, I like my debut in a special way.

However: The second edit has a completely rebuilt body with more stability. In addition, longer, more flexible necks and heads. Aaand... lots of sharp teeth. 🦖 He's making progress. 😉


Update Announcement III: Tree

The branches were a bit too straight before, so I completely redesigned the treetop🌳. First built it in real life - the technique should be fine. Of course, a spider🕷️ and a web 🕸️ shouldn't be missing. This time, I'm satisfied with the result. 👍

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