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Willow - Battle of Tir Asleen


Main update

Last main update included following

added iconic items/persons: magic acorn, the brownies, troll d*

improved: Eberisk, General Kael, Willow, Madmartigans armor

changed: some colors, helmets and a few details. Also pictures, now with iconic scenes and better performance of functions. New background.


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To all of my friends in Germany...
Happy fathers day!


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Coming Soon: Troll Dung

Coming soon (by editing main entry): Troll Dung

Trolls were small furry ape-like creatures. There were several trolls in residence in the ruins of Tir Asleen when Willow and Madmartigan arrived. Using Cherlindrea's wand, Willow accidentally transformed one of those trolls into the fire-breathing Eborsisk.

Quote: "Burglekutt, you're troll dung"

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Because we all work for the good.


Coming soon: Brownies

Coming soon (by editing main entry): Brownies

Brownies were a race of the Lesser Faery, that looked like miniature versions of Daikinis (9 inches on average) and lived in the woods. They were warriors, masters of the bow and arrow arranging themselves in small communities that they hyperbolically referred to as kingdoms.

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Things are moving ahead 🙂
Now I'm preparing first improvements for main submission. It's going to be online at 1000 supports. So, please go on.

Here some functions detailed



Very special thanks to the first 100 supports. And of course to everyone else who supports me :)

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