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The Red Barn Farm


Following on from some feedback I received from supporters, I have updated the model! 

Updates include:
Improved roof shape to match authentic red barn roofs across Northern America
Added an Autumnal apple tree at the front of the barn
Wood storage and chopping area added
Second storey added inside the barn, with a guitar and rocking chair, as well as a small storage pantry


The Red Barn Farm is based on the concept of the classic red American barn.

Working on the farm is Mom 'n' Pop, and their two sons helping out with chores. In the barn they keep cows, and have a chicken coop. On the upper level of the barn is a hayloft accessed via a steep ladder, and behind the ladder is a small workbench area with a variety of tools.

Outside is a vegetable plot with cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots, and a rusty old wind turbine. There is also a pig sty. The farm is being maintained by a vintage blue tractor, and there is also a red ATV for transporting vegetables and equipment around the farm. 

The barn building is hinged at the back to allow easy inside access. The barn has a red wood paneled exterior, but in some areas the paint has faded and needs to be touched up, as you can see Mom painting to the front of the building. The classic barn sliding doors are at the front also, with a two door stable style door to the side. 

I originally built this model in Lego, then recreated it in Studio and made some changes and improvements. The images here are renderings of the Studio model. The set has 2051 parts in total. 

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