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Simple Orrery



Hello everyone! I hope you like my proposal for this fantastic competition!

In this model the earth spins round the sun and the moon spins round the earth! You can work the mechanism by turning a crank in the side of the base. The earth is built as accuratly as possible for such a small model. Note: although none of it is to scale, it still makes a great model. This could be used as a great display model, as a fun to play with toy or a piece of educational equipment.


This is built on a 12 by 12 base plate and has rougly 290 parts, putting it into the $10-$49 category.


The aim of this model is to make a fun but educational toy. The model works well and would be good for all ages. It is a fun but reasonably challenging build so would be put in the medium build category.


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I hope you enjoy this model. Thank you for reading!

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