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International Cargo Transport Ship


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We all liked Classic Space as kids, am I right? (Technically speaking I'm am still a kid, but what evah. =P) And Guess what? Many of us still have a place in our heart for those wonderful retro-y spaceships! As I do myself!

Any way, what we have here, is in fact, a spaceship. (Duh. =P) The ICT Ship (International Cargo Transport Ship) to be precise. And well, it has every thing that a spaceship might need! Retractable landing gear, seats for two, space to store top secret cargo, big engine, blasters, etc. And of Corse, it has  a pilot and co-pilot!

Now would you like to have another one of those sets? Sure you would! And all you have to do is support, and tell your friends!

Some of the key features:

  • Retractable landing gear!
  • Seats for a crew of two!
  • 16.5"W 15.5"L 4"H
  • 500+ LEGO Bricks

So that's about it! Remember to support if you like it! And Tell your friends to come and see it too!

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