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Modern Home



This project is based around how I would design a "modern home". From the color white to the indoor brick walls, this home would be definitely considered modern. The title "Rich Kids: Modern Home" is a fun playset, where it shows the many adventures of these two minifigures in their home.


The reason I created this project was for the sole purpose of giving the children and adult consumers a cool and refreshing set of builds that have never been done in sets before. With this set, you could make your own neighborhood of modern or new houses.


The interior is fully decorated as shown in the many photos. There is a bedroom with a framed photo and bed, a living area with a couch and hanging guitar, and a front area with a table next to the window. The left side of the house also has a grill and trash area.

The roof has a slight overhang as to further show the modern parts of the building.

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