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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


View from Huntington Avenue

The view from Huntington Avenue is a daily view of residents in Boston. When you drive on Huntington Avenue, you would be impressed by a vast open space of the plaza of the main entrance. 


View from Forsyth Way + Updated Glass Structure

The view from Forsyth way is a symbolistic view of the current MFA. The old and new buildings are sitting next to each other, and are creating a dynamic transition that the museum has an active metabolism.  
I updated the glass structure to increase accuracy. Now, I think the view of my creation also refers to this dynamic transition slightly better. 


Lime Green Icicle Tower

Lime green icicle tower is an enormous glass work displayed in the Shapiro Family Courtyard. Translucent bright green creates a fun atmosphere in the void space of the courtyard. 
My creation can open the glass ceiling of the courtyard. You can also enjoy a relaxed mood with the reference of the lime green icicle tower and a cafe corner next to the tower.



Japanese dry landscape garden

The Japanese dry landscape garden has a waterfall (without water!), a mountain, and a water pool made of white stones. I left studs on this water pool part to express texture of the white stone. On the water pool, two islands (Tortoise and Crane islands) are connected by bridges. Those structure effectively create a kind of typical scene of a Japanese garden with true water, but actually without water. I always enjoy the time I try to imagine that white stone part is water. You can also enjoy the view of the garden from benches as well as from the second floor of the building. 


Gothic gallery

In the Gothic gallery in MFA, there is a beautiful stained glass window. Specifically, the MFA did a good job to incorporate a lot of light going through this window. In the photo of the actual outside view, you can see the special glass frame and building structure. I put a tiny reference to those structures in my LEGO creation.

(Actual inside):

(Actual outside):


State Street Corporation Fenway Entrance

Hello All again!

The State Street Corporation Fenway Entrance is another main entrance from Huntington Avenue entrance.

At this entrance, you can enjoy Antonio Lopez Garcia's Night and Day, which are basically gigantic baby portraits sculptures, and Paul H. Manship's  Indian hunter and Pronghorn Antelope. I like Night and Day very much. They are just cute and create very interesting atmosphere at this entrance. 


Banners and Flags

Hello, All. 
Always, it is fun to see beautiful banners and flags for an individual exhibition in the main entrances of MFA because those banners and flags change the mood of the building very much.
My creation of MFA can equip the banners and the flags at Huntington Avenue entrance by using four 1 X 2 tiles. You can arrange your favorite colors!

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