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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is facing busy Huntington Avenue in Boston and is making all visitors welcome.  Once the visitors step in the area of the museum, the visitors will completely forget their daily lives, immerse themselves in a fine art world and will enjoy it. 

I think the architecture of this museum also expresses this demonstrates the very interesting contrast between classic and contemporary, or between preservation and conversion. The original neoclassical-style building by Guy Lowell is fused into the contemporary building of Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art and a massive glass building of Wing for the Art of the Americas.

The creation is mostly the same as this real museum. You can enjoy dynamic changes from daily life on Huntington Avenue, which has little cars, truck, and a bus, to the fine art world in the museum buildings. The Huntington entrance and the back entrance show their unique aspects and have artworks to create "art museum" atmosphere. The creation includes both the neoclassical-style buildings and the newer wings for the art of the Americas and Contemporary Art and is recreating dynamic contrast of the real life museum buildings. The creation also contains a Japanese dry landscape garden, which is expressing water flows with white stones, as one of the symbols of diversity that this museum possesses.   

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