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10/15/14- 100 SUPPORTERS!

Thank you all so very much!


Tile Setter

While the other trade dioramas have a fairly static, preset backgrounds, the Tile Setter would allow for some extra fun creativity.  With a various assortment of 1x1 flat tiles, anything is possible, thus allowing for everyone's own creation to be unique.  These are just a couple quick ideas I put together with the colors I had available.  Of course, I think the inclusion of translucent tiles would make it appear more like glass.


The HVAC Mechanic

I'd like to keep this set gender neutral as much as possible, preferably having it include male and female heads that can be swapped out depending on the user's liking.  Hence why I have chosen to have the minifig remain faceless.  This part includes a section of a house with siding, with a service disconnect is feeding a condenser unit, which has a fan that can rotate on the top.


The Pipefitter

With this set, I'd like to change the gender stereotype that these kinds of jobs, while certainly male dominated, are also done by women all throughout the world.  And in doing so, I'd also like to break the view that women are always in skirts and dresses with long flowing hair.


The Electrician

I'm slowly working on building actual models, instead of just LDD versions.  The first is where the idea started. The Electrician.  Mechanical room walls, with panel and conduit.