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Modular Hardware Store



Another front view with a sneak peak.

My next project is waiting approval but I sneak a bit of it in this photo.

Please keep those supports and follows coming in for this project, thank you and Brick On ! 


Half way to the first hundred supporters.

Thank you to the first supporters of this project, if you haven't supported it yet please do so if you like it. More modular style sets would be nice to see on store shelves and in people's collections. Brick On Support On everyone!


The Gas Station is coming

My next modular is waiting approval, so when it goes through I will post images of my two latest modulars together.

Keep watching, keep supporting and Brick On everyone  !


Second update - more photos.

Now for some interior pictures.

I hope the images are clear enough for everyone to see the interior detailing.

Please support and follow if you like this project, thank you and Brick On Support On everyone ! 



First update

Rear view of the hardware store.

More updates coming up soon, Brick On Support On ! 

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