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At last a hundred supporters reached.

Thank you to the 99 supporters who have joined me on my modulars travels in the land of Lego Ideas.

Please don't stop, keep the supports and follows flowing in for them all.

Though I need my post office to reach the hundred mark so please toss your support behind that one too.

Thank you again everyone and Brick On ! 


Suggestions required.

I'm looking for suggestions for my next modular project, please feel free to post your suggestions in any of my projects comment pages thank you. Please keep those supports flowing in. Brick On everyone.


My next modular is coming.

The building is completed, only some letters for the post office plus some minifigs will complete this project so keep watching, keep supporting and following everyone !

Brick On Support On and thank you !


Now it only needs 14

The numbers are not looking good for this project, based on the last nine days this will miss the cut by six.

If everyone wants to see more modulars from me then please support this one so I can keep the awesomeness flowing.

Brick On Support On everyone and thank you.


Still needs 18

Twenty six days left, 18 to get. Aw, it's going to be close one.

So seriously if you like this project and haven't already supported it please do so. The more of work gaining supporters gives the strength to keep designing.

Brick On Support On everyone and thank you.


Stickers added

Now to my surprise "TheBuildingMinifig" reviewed my design, so to correct one of the things he said was not right.

More stickers.

It only took me about two hours to find real life signs and recreate them in the Lego world.

What does everyone think ?

By the way, yes I know one of the window stickers is off centred (the photo paper takes time to dry so applying without trashing the printing is hard).

Brick On Support On everyone and thank you.


Another street view.

Lets see it back in amongst my modular collection.

Please keep those supports and follows coming in thank you.

Brick On Support On everyone ! 


Sitting in the distance

I know that the following image is of the gas station project but you can see how the hardware store can sit on the other side of the gas station or in fact any other modular in that position.

Please support both these modular projects, we need more modulars and more variety too.

Brick On Support On everyone !


Question - Does this need extra shelves in it ?

I was wondering if a row of shelves above the tool and irrigation parts sections might be a good idea so what does everyone think ?

Please leave a comment or suggest on this project's comments page thank you and Brick On Support On ! 


An exterior add-on.

I tossed this together this afternoon.

Keep those supports and follows coming in and Brick On everyone ! 

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