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Road Motorcycle Project "The Greyhound"

Hi all, this motorcycle is built for speed, just like the Greyohound Dogs. I originally thought about creating a race bike but then I decided to switch to a road bike inspired by the endurance races. Some may find some similarities with the iconic Speed Triple T509 looking at its headlights. I used to own a couple of 90's Triumphs so why not? It's a sort of tribute to those fat sport road bikes that were built in the 90s. I liked them then, and I think they're still awesome.

Now I am planning a new project that will involve a boxer twin motor and maybe a scrambler look...

I would buy this one as a Lego Set because I think that the proportion and the size of each component result in a very "realistic" model. Next time i will try to create a model that could be based on a smaller engine and a cardan system in the trasmision of power to the rear wheel.

Hope you like the Greyhound.

Thanks for supporting!


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