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Popcorn Machine

Hi Everyone,

Do you like watching movies? Can you the smell the popcorn? :)

I'm back with my new idea. I was thinking what could be both beautiful and playable at the same time. Something with bright colours, funny and really delicious looking. Something that could be so similar to the real thing that you would like to literally eat this. So here it is, my new, fully working Popcorn Machine.

I discovered some interesting techniques to create popcorn, which are really looks like the real ones and the same sizes. Actually, this was the starting point. The popcorn are really popping out the pan, which is realised by turning gears to combine with the LEGO M-Motor, which are inside the construction. The inside working mechanism I will show in video animation soon. There are 15 popcorn in these set.

- The model consists of 955 pieces.
- Fully working.
- Custom stickers.

I really hope that you'll like my new model and help me with your support! Thank you so much for your attention.

And here it is a little bit animation of the working process.

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