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Redbrick Outpost

Hello everyone, and welcome to Redbrick Outpost!

I've always been a huge fan of lego castles of all shapes, colors and sizes. That being said, many people's lego castle collections are severely lacking in one specific area: red castles, made out of red bricks!

I originally built this as an experiment to see if red worked on a castle. I wanted to experiment beyond the normal grays and browns used on your typical castle. And the result of that experiment was this. Redbrick outpost.

-lots of bricks
-two evergreen trees
-a swampy landscape
-two forest rangers
-a treasure hoard
-and some more bricks

One more thing to be noted about this model is the amount of pressure I applied to each individual brick in the castle. Some of the bricks (2x2 red tiles) are pushed into the wall farther than others, making the wall look more brick-wall-like. I wouldn't expect this technique to be used on an actual set, but I thought that it helped add to the feel of the model's bricky-ness.

Thank you all for your support!


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