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The LEGO Toilet

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Set Description
Build the most detailed plastic model of a toilet you have ever seen - The LEGO Toilet! Recreate this classic bathroom staple and learn about the mechanical parts that go into a toilet fixture. This beautifully shaped model makes for a wonderful conversation piece and collectible to add to your LEGO collection.
You will be amazed at the functional mechanism, which is built of Technic pieces and pulls on a mini chain that in turn pulls open the “flapper” inside the toilet tank. Remember to put the toilet seat down - or not, it’s your toilet!
  • Model measures 21 cm long, 13 cm wide, and 22 cm tall. 550 pieces.
  • The toilet seat can be raised/lowered and the toilet tank top lifts off.
  • Mechanical parts such as the flush arm, flapper, overflow tube, and float are represented in LEGO form in the toilet tank.
  • Includes main toilet model, informational plaque with miniature toilet, toilet brush, brick separator, and a minifigure with toolbox and plunger.

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