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The LEGO Toilet


The LEGO Toilet featured on the great German LEGO news site!!

Andres Lehmann, the author of the German LEGO website has featured my project The LEGO Toilet. What an honor to be on this amazing LEGO news site! Andres speaks German and English so be sure to check out his Youtube channel as well, Assembled on YouTube. This guy gets to just walk into the LEGO headquarters in Denmark and just interview anyone in the building - incredible! Go watch Andres' videos to see some insightful interviews with the real LEGO designers.


The LEGO Toilet featured on the LEGO news site "That Brick Site"!

My project has been featured on a fantastic LEGO news website you should check out called! Go read this wonderfully-written article about my toilet :P


Toilet Adventures: Episode 2 - Porcelain Gladiators - Q-Tip® Duel

Have any ideas for toilet jokes? Please tell me your toilet jokes and I could possibly build it for a future update!


Toilet Adventures: Episode 1 - Pirates of Toilet Cove

Stay tuned for more!