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The Waterfront Inn


This set takes place on the busy docks of Bryklond's ports. A huge variety of exotic wares flow through Bryklond's ports each season, attracting respectable businesspeople and thieving scoundrels alike. This 1096 piece set includes a Merchant Ship, a Dock, a Waterfront Inn and 8 minifigures. 

  • The Merchant Ship, stocked full of wares and includes a cozy cabin with bed, safe and writing desk. 
  • The Dock, including the barnacle- and seaweed-encrusted rocks and the open sewer. Combine multiple docks together to create a long marina.
  • The Waterfront Inn, a homely establishment offering food, drink, entertainment and a place to rest. Built in the same style as the buildings from 10193 - Medieval Market Village, the Inn includes a reception desk, a tavern, a reading room and a dormitory. Open the building up to reveal the long balcony or close it to use as a standalone building. 


Waterfront Inn is the flagship set for The Bryklond tabletop role playing game. Use the unique rules of Bryklond (coming soon) to play out your waterside adventures. Using this set, you can play as:

  • The resourceful Merchant, recently returned from adventures in a far off land and looking to sell her newfound wares. 
  • The loyal Assistant, who can always be counted upon to lend a helping hand (or cutlass if the situation arises).
  • The hardworking Innkeeper, always ready to offer a warm meal and cozy bed, provided there's no trouble.
  • The mischievous Minstrel, full of charm and always on the lookout for material to compose a new song. 
  • The rough Thugs, sick of working on the docks and looking to make some quick coin to cover their gambling debts. 
  • The Town Guard, just hoping to keep the peace before a quick drink at the inn. 


Bryklond is a tabletop role playing game that uses Lego to construct characters and environments. Use your existing Lego collection or check out my other Bryklond-themed sets on Lego Ideas. 


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