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Crypt Campsite


"The creature was lying there, my sword through its helmet. Next thing I knew it was back on its feet, shuffling toward me to attack with my own weapon!"

There are stories in the darkest regions of Bryklond of the dead rising from their tombs. Yet when Bryklond’s protectors are sent to deal with the hoards, creatures that should be mortally wounded are able to regain their feet and rejoin the fight.


Cryptside Campsite is a 861 piece set. It includes one ruined crypt, a small campsite, 2 adventurer minifigs, one sorceress minifig, 3 skeleton minifigs and one zombie king minifig.

The crypt has been designed for use in table-top games and can be reconfigured as the scenario requires. The building is a combination of modules - crypt wall, plain wall, columns, broken walls, entrance wall and dead end. Multiple sets can also be combined to create a more elaborate structure. 


Bryklond is a tabletop role playing game that uses Lego to construct characters and environments. The set can be used with the Bryklond rules (coming soon!) to play through a raid of the crypt. Using this set you can play as:

The Sorceress - An arguably overconfident practitioner of the arcane arts, set upon looting the crypt's precious artefacts. 

The Adventurers - Hired more for their brawn than their brains, they are about to get a lot more than they were paid for..

The Zombie King - A long-dead monarch, furious that it's cursed slumber has been disturbed. 

The Skeletons - Loyal servants willing to do their master's bidding, even beyond death.

Can the sorceress capture the artifact? Will the adventurers escape with their lives or will the Zombie King claim some new skeleton servants?


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All images have been rendered using Bluerender with Sunflow's mod.

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