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Veggie Tales


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It's time for veg-gie TAAAAAALES!!!

Join Bob and Larry as they bounce around the Countertop telling stories and singing silly songs! This model features Bob the tomato, Larry the cucumber, and a part of the Countertop with jars and a power outlet, as well as the classic yellow-tile floor!

I realized a few weeks ago that there were no Veggie Tales Lego ideas models, and I thought "what? why not?" there could be a huge market among all the younger Lego buyers, as Veggie Tales is still very big with kids (as an older brother I should know...)

I built the two Veggies using SNOT techniques, and for Larry I added a Technic angle joint so he could be leaning without opening like a trashcan. ;) The counter is built pretty much how it looks, simple but great for play or display. i added the Technic pegs out the sides so that I could update with counter extentions, or buyers can build their own segments and attach them.

My only change for this model (and complaint about LDD) is there are no 2x2 eye print tiles, otherwise i would definitely use them for Larry, and possibly for Bob as well. it would also be cool to get POV-Ray images for this, but I couldn't get it to work :(

I will be updating periodically with information and improvements, so please give feedback or support, we can make this happen!

If you like this model please support! Hopefully we will reach 10 000! :-)

 P.S. please feel free to check out my other models!

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