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Antarctic Resc. Heli

Did you parachute from your private plane over Antarctica and end up fractured? Do not worry! A team of the best 5 rescuers will come to your aid! Captain, co-pilot, crane operator, rescuer and paramedic trained every day to be prepared for this one! This helicopter has skis, crane, defibrillator, oxygen, serum, intensive care computer, complete first aid kit as big as a backpack and even radiological equipment! Jump in peace the next time this all-weather helicopter is ready to rescue you!
This all-weather helicopter has air refueling, rotating infrared and optical zoom camera, radome, skis, antennas, international rescue painting, functional crane, normative navigation lights, aerodynamic design based in real models, minifigure height sized and efficient space distribution between medical-, boarding- and crew-area.
The complete medical area has x-ray equipment, first-aid bag, intensive care computer, oxygen tank and mask, serum and portable defibrillator.
The complete cockpit has search module, aircraft control module, radar module, cyclic-, collective- and pedal-controls.
The functional boarding area has sliding doors and folding crane that can move the rope closer so that the rescuer can raise and lower, and the crane can move the rope away so that the stretcher can raise and lower too.
The complete set has 6 minifigures and accessories that includes snowboarder (male), and a crew of 5 that consists of captain (fem), paramedic (fem), rescuer (male), crane operator (male) and co-pilot (male). Snowboard, portable defibrillator machine with pads, stretcher and holder, crane rope and hook, oxygen tank and mask, intensive care computer, radiological equipment, serum and first-aid bag.

  • Width: 35 bricks
  • Lenght: 45 bricks
  • High: 8 bricks 2 plates
  • 325 bricks in total

Hope you like it!

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