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Retro Robots Robby & B9 From Forbidden Planet and Lost in Space.

Retro Robots Robby the Robot from the Forbidden Planet movie (1959), and B9 'The Robot' from the Lost in Space TV show (1965-1968).

Both robot costumes were designed by the same person, Robert Kinoshita, so share a design aesthetic, which is why I have paired them up for this submission, both IPs pre-approved by the Ideas team. Robby once appeared on Lost in Space, which is why the two are often mixed up.

B9 is a new build, you can extend and retract his arms and wave them about from the back while you yell "Danger, Will Robinson!"

Robby is the 4th iteration of him I've made over the last 5 years or so, and the second to be put on LEGO Ideas - each time using lots of the same parts, but mostly different torso builds. I think this is by far the most accurate of my versions.

These would appeal to Retro sci-fi fans, movie fans, 1960s TV fans, and anyone who really wants to keep Will Robinson out of danger.

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