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Futurama Microfighter


Aproaching 500 Supporters

Lateley I sat down, trying something. I wanted to share it at the 500 supporters step, but since it isn’t far and in the next few days, maybe some are looking for something new, I thought I can as well just share it right now.

So yeah, I tried my best creating Bender out of existing pieces but it’s not much more than a compromise. So since I had a bit of time with the lockdown an everything I sat down and just went for it: I made a little Bender helmet.

Why a helmet and not a single piece head? Well, first of all the mouth is a cutout, so one could at least switch between different mouth postures, and furthermore every Minifigure could wear it, and at least the mouth could be seen.

For the image I took one of my favourite pictures of Futurama as an inspiration, the cover of Wired —giving me the chance to throw in Matt Groening, too. Hope you like the printed jar as well, as there may be no problem putting an actual lego head in the jar, hair would be a no go.

Probably will be posting more pictures of the new Bender soon, if you’d like. I also think of updating the main images of the project, but since projects for custom parts aren’t allowed, I’m not sure about the policies for projects with custom parts.

Hope all of you have nice holidays — keep telling your friends and family about the project :)


Now it’s time to tell your 9900 closest friends about the project!

The project finally reached its first milestone: 100 supporters. Thank you so much for your votes and especially the nice feedback. Hope you enjoy the attached image. 

And while I’m at it, a quick update about the unfortunately cropped title imange: I am still trying to fix it. I submitted some slightly updated artwork, but those updates are only allowed once every 30 days, so this can take a while to show any effect. There is no guarantee that this will fix the problem, but for now it's the only option I see.