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Futurama Microfighter


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„Wow, a real life spaceship!“ – Philip J. Fry

I’m happy to see, that it is finally possible to submit Futurama projects to Lego Ideas and there already have been some very impressive ones. So I took the chance to update one of my submissions I planned for its 15th birthday a few years ago, polished it here and there, et voilá—it even gained a stand … and a lot more.

Futurama still is one of the best TV shows ever—and if you are here you probably think so, too. I strived for a compact model, that would capture the essence of the series in a form package that would fit nicely on my desk. The Lego Microfighters in that regard were a perfect basis as a solution for the Planet Express ship and Lego Skylines inspired the stand.

I really enjoyed watching old episodes again and tried to include many references from throughout the whole series.

The main cast of course is included and everyone comes with a special accessory. Leela has a space gun, Bender got the special 300$ bill and Fry should be carful where to put the brain slug he is holding.

The ship itself can be modified to fit perfectly for each character exchanging just a few pieces. Fry’s cannon can be swapped for the steering wheel for Leela or the Autopilot if you like to put Bender into the ship.

The stand not only provides a place to keep the other two minifigures, it is home to a selection of iconic buildings form New New York. The Planet Express Headquarters stands between the Madison Cube Garden and the Statue of Liberty holding part of the Tube transportation system.

But we are not done yet. The Planet Express Ship had multiple alterations throughout the series and that is where the strength of Lego comes into effect—with just a few bricks you can adjust the ship to your favourite storyline. I think, that maybe at least the parts for one alternate version could be included in the set. I put some proposals in the pictures above. Have I forgotten one, what was your favourite modification in the series? Feel free to put your opinion in the comments.

If you like the idea feel free to support the project and spread the word about it. If you have any further suggestions for the project I would love to hear about them in the comments, too.



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