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Field and Fans: Modular LEGO Stadium


     This set is a modular stadium, meant to represent many sports. It is built in a way that allows the field to slide out and be replaced with an entirely different field. As examples the images above include a soccer field and football field. However these can also be changed out for a basketball court, a hockey rink, generic ice skating rink, a running track, or any number of rectangular or oval sports areas I might’ve missed. As this project progresses I hope to add more. Additionally, the build is modular enough that it could be changed to a baseball field. This would make a wonderful gift or display piece, and would be perfect for displaying no matter what sports season it is.

     There are two primary structures for this build. There is the main stadium, which includes the lower seating and tracks for the field segments. There is also the rear stand seating. This yields 422 of us loyal fans filling the stadium. The rear stand is built separately from the main field (this allows for future possibilities, like baseball). The rear stand also has fully integrated slots for two spare fields- meaning that the stadium could contain at least three fields at once!

   This set would include:

     Main Stadium

     3+ Interchangeable Fields

     422 fans

     Commentary/Review Booth


  This was originally an entry for the “We Love Sports!” Contest. As with art, sports are such a diverse set of activities that it was hard to pick one as a shining example. For that matter, it’s hard to pick five as decent examples!

  So I asked myself what is really at a sport’s heart? There will always be exceptions, but many of the most popular sports have a few things in common. It seemed obvious that they have specific playing areas, and they have loyal fans. Further, the playing areas are often contained in large stadiums to accommodate the loyal fans. This includes (but is not limited to) sports such as football, soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, etc. That being the case, I began work on what you see above.

     Thank you so much for checking out my build! If you like it and have any suggestions, please comment and let me know! And as always, please share this build with people that I can’t. Who knows how far this project can go?

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