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Minifigures Case (stackable & buildable with a push button case opener)

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Everyone loves the collectible Minifigures Series, and the best way to display them is in their own colored brick home with easy access of a push button.

I've made this out of 81 brickparts hoping that one day it'll get produced and consist of four colored build-able brick case a set or just one case as an impulse set.

Minifigure are concealed in a two semicircular clear walls which keeps the dust away and at the same time will bring in more light into the case thus your minifigures are well lighted and can be viewed at various angles even from the back!. The cases are stackable top, bottom, side to side and by stacking 16 brick case of the same color you can place your complete set of collectible minifigures in them with the easy access of a push button to release the capsule, it can fit all the current collectible minifigures series as well as its baseplate, keep the dust away from your prized minifigures in a colorful fun and stackable any way you want it to be.

Real Photo will be uploaded in the future once all my parts from bricklink arrives :)

View from the back showing all the colors stacked together, enclosed in a circular clear capsule thus your minifigure are well lighted with enough room within the capsule for current series minifigures with their accesories

Stacked of 16 cases,

press Gold button to release the capsule and the 'button' will return back to its normal position by a lego rubber band (not shown digitally) wrap below the gold 1x1 round tile through the back of the case held by a technic ball with snap. (will be putting up real photos in the future)

Removeable base stabilizer connected with technic pins and the base of the case consist of 7 holes front & back and 3 holes on each sides, so once stacked, you have the option to remove it, or attach it sideways or the back anyway you desire to achieve the perfect balance.

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