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Christmas Crackers

No Christmas dinner would be complete without Christmas crackers, and this set would make Christmas crackers extra special and fun as they would be made out of LEGO. The set would bring the whole family together to enjoy building with, and exploring new ways to use LEGO, during Christmas dinner.

I have chosen to decorate the six crackers with silver ribbons, blue stripes and holly, however, the crackers could be decorated in many different ways with many different colours, allowing for customisation of the set.

Each cracker would contain a different prize, and in a LEGO twist on the tradition, a minifigure hat. The crackers are held together with clip plates on each side, meaning there will be a winner and a looser, as well a snap sound every time. A sheet of LEGO themed jokes/facts could be included in the set to be cut out, folded and added to the crackers.

As the crackers can be dismantled and rebuilt, they reduce the amount of waste and packaging created by standard crackers. The piece number is small (around 300) making the set affordable and cheaper than buying disposable crackers year after year. The crackers could also be refilled with homemade mini builds, minifigures, chocolates, keyrings or any other small prize.

The prizes have been tested and do fit inside the crackers, they are:
  • A spinning top
  • Noughts and crosses
  • A bookmark/clip
  • A counter firing game with target
  • Matchstick puzzles
  • A ring throwing game

This set would make the perfect Christmas present for friends or family, great for spreading festive cheer and for those who need an excuse to build more LEGO, even during Christmas dinner!

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