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Level Crossing With Power Function [Studio]

Level crossing with Power Function

Here is a small cozy environment around a Nordic railway crossing with a guard's house inspired by Denmark. The guardhouse conceals the technology of the level crossing with motor with gear, remote control receiver and battery box.
The guard's house also has a lukum at the back. And as flax and should, there is also a bell.

The guardian has a neighbor who is a cuddle painter and a curious cat. Once in a while, the painter comes by. The guard's daughter often cycles on her blue bike.

It is easy to turn on the Power function by opening the door to the guardhouse and pressing the green button on the battery box. The roof of the guardhouse can be zipped off and one side of the guardhouse can be opened. Set consists of 1271 elements.

The keeper decorates the border tree with lights in winter and has a lot of apples on the apple tree in his garden.

Structural details

Special structural details include the special concealed mechanism that controls all 4 booms at once using only one motor. 2 worm drives have been inserted between the motor and booms to make the booms go up and down slowly. On the second channel of the Power function receiver, electric light is connected.
The fence along the road is constructed using rubber hoses.

The level crossing is designed to fit Lego City Road Plates.

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