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The A4 Mallard No. 4468


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"LNER: On 3rd July 1938 this locomotive attained a world speed record for steam traction of 126 miles per hour" This quote is on a plaque which is proudly fixed on the A4 Mallard steam locomotive.

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Mallard's famous world record, I built a replica of it out of digital LEGO Bricks.

This Pacific wheel-arranged steam locomotive is 786 pieces. Two engineers are included in this set to man the locomotive. Inside the cab are two seats and some controls.

If you notice, there is a huge hole where the firebox would be. This hole is built to make way for a Power Functions M-Motor. This means that the locomotive can be motorized!

The tender makes way for the Power Functions IR Receiver and the Power Functions AAA Battery Box. If you want to operate the Mallard with Power Functions, I highly suggest you use the IR Remote Control to operate it.

Besides the inclusion of Power Functions compatibility, the only other features on the Mallard is that you can take off pieces of the tender for more access, as well as the locomotive. Oh! I forgot to mention that the pistons on the locomotive itself move as well.

Thank you all for your support! If you want to make a suggestion on how I can improve this project, please tell me in the comments section. Have a good day! By cheesy. 7/2/2018

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