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Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary: T. Rex Paddock Breakout


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Celebrate the 25 years of Jurassic Park building one of the most iconic scenes in the history of cinema!

Join the tour group and visit the Tyrannosaurus rex Paddock, the main attraction of Jurassic Park. Open the gates to lead the JP Explorer cars inside, activate the goat feeding mechanism and meet the fearsome carnivore dinosaur from the Cretaceous period. Or lead any character to the toilet instead. But beware! If the fence shuts down, the T. rex may break free, crash the fence barrier, collapse the toilet, attack the cars and turn everything into chaos. Will Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm save the kids and escape in time? Would life find a way?

  • Includes 2 Explorer cars, the “Jurassic Park” gate, 3 different fence modules, a road, a bathroom building and a Tyrannosaurus rex signal.
  • Each Jurassic Park explorer features removable roof, hinged doors, 4 minifigure seats, storage space for accessories and interior details, including a glass of water.
  • Open the gates to access the main attraction.
  • Fence is made of three modules: a standard one with warning signal, a breakable section, and a feeding mechanism.
  • Configure the three fence modules as you want.
  • Turn the gear to lift the food elevator, revealing the goat.
  • Lift up the Technic liftarm to break down the fence.
  • Gradually collapse the toilet building, revealing the minifigure inside.
  • Assorted accessories include a box, a suitcase, alternate hairpieces, a piece of steak, two flares with alternate transparent elements, a flashlight and a set of night vision googles.
  • Spared no expense!
  • Includes 5 minifigures: Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Donald Gennaro, Tim Murphy and Lex Murphy; plus two animals: A goat and “Rexy”, the T. rex.
  • JP Explorer measures 9 studs (7,18 cm) high x 20,5studs (16,36 cm)  long x 10 studs (7,98 cm) wide approx.
  • JP Gate measures 21,5 studs (17,16 cm) high x 26 studs (20,76 cm) wide x 5 studs (4 cm) deep approx.
  • Toilet measures 11 studs (8,78 cm) high x 10 studs (7,98 cm) wide x 13,5 studs (10,77 cm) deep approx.
  • Fence and road scenery measures 20,5 studs (16,36 cm) high x 28 studs (22,35 cm) wide x 48 studs (38,32 cm) long approx.
  • T. Rex sign measures 7 studs (5,58 cm) high x 4 studs (3,19 cm) wide x 4 studs (3,19 cm) deep approx.


How many pieces were used for this model?

1578 elements approximately, from which:

  • 358 elements approx. are used for the complete fence and road diorama.
  • 304 elements approx. are used for the toilet.
  • 289 elements approx. are used for each JP Explorer.
  • 277 elements approx. are used for the JP Gate.
  • 14 elements are used for the “Tyrannosaurus Rex” signal.

Please keep in mind that this numbers can be drastically changed if the project were turned into a real set.

What program did you used to make this?

The showed project design and pictures are the result of an amalgam of 3D/vector graphics software tools, which includes LEGO Digital Designer, Mecabricks, LeoCAD, Blender, Inkscape, Gimp2…

Other Jurassic Park projects didn’t pass the LEGO Ideas review in the past, why would this project have any chance?

I am completely aware that other projects based on the Jurassic Park IP were not successful in the past, which is sad. In the case of this specific JP project, the focus is mainly on the play functions. Certainly, I cannot assure if that aspect makes a difference, only that it is a slightly different approach in comparison with, for example, my own Visitor Center project.

Can you share instructions/3D files?

Regardless of the project performance, there is an actual risk of clone brands taking advantage of any public design for their own lucrative profit, without any type of consent, credit or authorization. Therefore, as a preventive measure, I will not release or share any instructions/3D files.

For more pictures, check the Brickshelf/Flickr galleries and stay tuned to the “Updates” tab.

Thanks for your time, feedback and support. If you liked the project, don’t hesitate to share with your friends and/or spread the word through your social media, so we can finally celebrate the JP 25th anniversary with a long awaited LEGO licensed set.

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