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Arrow: The Cave


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You Have Failed This LEGO City!

Protect Star City from its criminal underbelly with your very own team of vigilantes in this special LEGO collection featuring all of the iconic set elements of the “Arrow Cave” as seen in the hit CW show Arrow.  Assemble Team Arrow as you enter the lair via the secret elevator and relive all of your favourite scenes with the various components included.  Help Oliver Queen don his trademark hood and become his heroic alter-ego, The Green Arrow!  Then ride into action with Arrow and Speedy’s custom motorcycles to stop whatever sinister plans Malcolm Merlyn is plotting.  Whether it be briefing for a new mission in The Overwatch, analysing evidence, or undergoing an intensive training routine, you’ll find everything you need in this show-accurate model.

  • Includes 8 minifigures: Green Arrow, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Black Canary, Speedy, Curtis Holt, Quentin Lance and Malcolm Merlyn.
  • This LEGO model of the Arrow Cave, as introduced in Season 4 of the hit CW TV series, is ideal for role-play fun, featuring a fully functioning elevator complete with two sets of manually operated doors.  Sliding open the secret false wall in Oliver Queen’s Mayoral Campaign Office allows for access to the underground lair below.
  • Place Felicity in The Overwatch to monitor the team with the many computer screens while on missions, situated above a glow-in-the-dark floating floor.
  • Gear up and house each team member’s weapons and accessories in their own Polycarbonate Costume Cases, which also include glow-in-the-dark elements, with separate bow and arrow racks for Arrow and Speedy.
  • The many other elements of the model include the impressive salmon ladder for Oliver to scale, workbenches to craft new arrows, examine evidence or tinker with equipment in the garage.  A medical examination table is also included when a member of the team is in need of recovery, and there are plenty of places for the team to rest between missions.
  • The Arrow Cave incorporates a vast array of hi-tech computer equipment and a variety of accessory elements, including a microscope, fire extinguisher, and welding equipment.
  • Customized motorcycles allow Green Arrow and Speedy to launch into action and protect Star City.
  • Weapons include the complete collection of Oliver Queen’s former bows, Black Canary’s tactical tonfas, Diggle’s gun, Speedy’s recurve bow, Lance’s pistol and Merlyn’s League Of Assassins bow.
  • Accessory elements include sword/kendo stick rack, Oliver Queen’s Lian Yu equipment, John Diggle’s Spartan helmet, Curtis Holt’s T-Sphere, Mirakuru sample, toolbox and tool set, police radio, laptop, and test tubes with translucent elements.
  • Includes alternate hood/hair pieces for Green Arrow, Black Canary, Speedy and Merlyn to disguise or reveal their vigilante identities.


Designer’s Notes:

  • Without any modifications, the model’s piece-count currently sits at 1651 bricks.  The 8 minifigures included seems like a reasonable (if not generous) number for a set of that size.  This number does not include the 4 mannequins in the Polycarbonate Costume Cases.
  • The Elevator’s vertical movement utilises a string piece (Part#: 58558) which is unable to be properly connected and displayed in the LDD program.  A greater accuracy with the show may be achieved if each of the glass frames (Part#: 60596) were to be frosted (see official LEGO set 70751 Temple of Airjitzu for an example) in their respective colours, rather than being transparent.
  • Each of the four frames (Part#: 60596) of the Polycarbonate Costume Cases should contain 2 pieces of glass (Part#: 60803) to be placed opposite one another and perpendicular to the frame, which would then operate as a hinged door, with the outer edge of each panel meeting in the centre of the frame to form more show-accurate angled doors.  As with The Elevator, the glass pieces may be frosted, rather than transparent.
  • Merlyn’s alternate hood piece could later be updated to the “Rogue” minifigure’s new hood/scarf piece from the upcoming 16th Series of the Collectible Minifigure line (71013).
  • Minifigures and tiles to be printed have been deliberately left without custom decals, as often such designs vary greatly from the (potential) final product, while also restricting the imagination of the viewer.  Stickered pieces would also be included for computer screens and monitors, and perhaps a campaign poster for Oliver Queen on his office wall.
  • The salmon ladder included uses a similar mechanism to that of the 2004 LEGO Knights’ Kingdom set 8780 Citadel Of Orlan.  The ‘bar’ piece would need to be a new length, measuring 6 studs wide.
  • Inspiration for the project comes from my passion for DC properties, including Arrow, and I thought an official Arrow set would not only be highly sought-after, but also makes sense given the recent release of the 2015 SDCC Exclusive Minifigure, Arsenal.  The layout and design of the set was greatly influenced by the official 2016 LEGO set 76052 Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave.
  • Though this version of the “Arrow Cave” was only introduced at the beginning of Arrow’s fourth season, I have tried not to base the minifigures themselves from any particular series.  With the exception of Curtis Holt, all minifigures have appeared in each season of the show, and can be altered to represent various appearances (for example, the inclusion of Laurel’s original Black Canary wig, as well as a hair piece for Quentin).  Minifigures that have not made my final design include Nyssa Al Ghul, an Island/Shirtless/‘The Hood’ costumed variant of Oliver Queen, The Huntress (though I’d still love to see any of those produced in an accompanying polybag set, such as the official LEGO 30603 Batman Classic TV Series – Mr. Freeze).  Also considered were Deathstroke, Ra’s al Ghul and Damien Darhk, but ultimately were discounted due to their conformity to mostly one season, with the former two options (almost) having appeared in previous official DC Super Heroes variants, while Darhk does not yet appear a well-known or iconic enough villain to warrant his own LEGO minifigure.
  • Flip faces would be included for all minifigures, with the exception of John Diggle and Quentin Lance (as they have the option to be used without a hairpiece).  Arrow, Black Canary and Speedy’s alternate faces would change between being masked and unmasked.
  • Regardless of the eventual result and eligibility of my project, I hope that this design inspires others to create their own models and designs, be it for Arrow or any other project they wish to design and hope to come to fruition.  If there is sufficient demand, I will upload the .lxf file online and link in the description for those who wish to make their own modifications or physically build the model.
  • This is my first time using the program LDD to POV-Ray Converter in order to render the final images, so any suggestions to improve quality (especially lighting) are definitely appreciated.
  • Comments, suggestions and questions are welcome!


  • Coming Soon...  The Flash: Star Labs and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The WaveRider

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