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Disneyland's Haunted Mansion



Thank you everyone for your support and comments! Unfortunately, with under a month to go it does not seem likely that this project will not reach the next milestone. Happy building!


Almost 1000

Only 90 more supporters needed to surpass the 999 ghosts present in the Mansion, and add extra time.  I have also tweaked the front facade of the Mansion and am finally happy with the white columns.  I have included some more pics of the Haunted Mansion together with the Swinging Wake. Hope you enjoy!


Dining Room

I have taken out the kitchen in favour of expanding the dining room, more in keeping with the ride and as suggested in the comments. The picture on the wall is based on Imagineer Marc Davis' changing portrait into Medusa. I have also refined under the stairs, where a knight and grandfather clock are placed, so that it is easier to see in through the back windows. I think I have maxed out the number of 999 ghosts that can be placed in this model. Thanks for everyone's support! 


Two Sets Together

I have changed the front pillars on the mansion to make them more substantial. I have kept the iron work black for now to better highlight the columns. Comments on the change appreciated. The Swinging Wake scenes are included in the photo to show how they relate to the mansion.


The Swinging Wake

You can see more ghosts from the Haunted Mansion's Swinging Wake scene on my other project I included this as a separate entry since there are too many additional bricks used for one set. The graveyard and pet cemetery work well together and fit nicely outside the mansion.


Black Iron Work

The iron grill-work on the outside of the mansion is sand green and was black on the original Shipley-Lydecker house. Unfortunately the parts I used do not come in sand green. When I first created my model I only had these parts in white. I have updated the model with new black iron work parts, which sets off the four white pillars better. Which do you prefer? 



Nearing 999 Haunts or supporters for this project. There is always room for one more. Thanks for the support everyone and thanks for sharing! If you want to check out more pictures of the Haunted Mansion they are on my Flickr page

Thanks to Chef Mayhem at Doombuggies for the tweets about this project.


Rumored Ghost

Legend has is that there was an additional ghost that was removed long ago because it was deemed too scary. According to Disney lore there was a man trapped in a spider web and was accompanied with hideous screaming.  There is no evidence other than rumored accounts that he actually existed.  


Walt Disney's vision

Walt Disney wanted his park to have a Haunted Mansion, but did not want it to look run down.  He wanted it to fit in with the look of the rest of Disneyland. Unfortunately, Walt Disney never got to see his vision to completion. He died before the attraction was built.  It took several years with the contributions of many Imagineers (many of whose names can be seen on the grave stones) to see the ride as it is today.  These Imagineers honoured Walt's vision so that the attraction fits in perfectly with New Orleans Square and has immaculate grounds.  The caretaker and his dog do a very good job even though they may be terrified.


Pepper's Ghost

YEAH! 500+ First a thanks to everyone who has supported and shared this project so far! Thanks also for any suggestions of things you might like to see included in this project. Please continue to share and promote this project, which will help it reach 10000 and possibly make it into a set you can buy!

Thanks to GeekyTom of The BrickNerd for highlighting my MOC. He made a great suggestion that I might try in the future regarding Pepper's Ghost. SPOILER ALERT! For those who don't want to spoil the magic of how many of the ghost in the ride are created read no further.

The ghosts in the Haunted Mansion ballroom scene are not holograms or computer generated. They are instead created using a centuries old theatrical technique called Pepper's Ghost. named after John Henry Pepper.  The ghosts are in fact animatronics that are in a room, which the guest cannot see, set up identically to the one in which they appear to be transparently floating in air. The room that the guests are actually looking at has no animatronics.  Instead, guests are looking through a very large piece of glass where the reflections of the animatronics appear as ghosts having a very good time. Luckily, at LEGO minifig scale the piece of glass used for the reflection won't need to be as large as the enormous piece of glass used in the ride. I will have to experiment and if it works I will share my results.



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