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The Victorian Dream Home


Foyer view, new bed design and updated exterior living room wall design

Thanks for all of your support so far and for spreading the word! We are at 1,619 supporters as of this update!

The below color scheme was created using LEGO pieces in existing colors only, which is why it is a bit more muted looking. I was planning to build this color scheme in real life, but the cost to buy the parts aftermarket was too much for me to afford. So these renders I did using Mecabricks will have to do.

I'm pretty happy with how the multi-colored brick design came out for the chimney even though it is just grey and dark grey. I couldn't use dark red or dark orange because of the limited parts selection in these colors. You may also notice a few sublte design changes to the furniture and fire places. This was also due to the limited parts selection in these colors.

Here is a never before seen view of the foyer:

Here is the foyer with the dining room option:

It was impossible to re-create my old bed design using LEGO pieces in existing colors so I had to redesign the bed. However, this new bed design came out more opulent and true to the Victorian era. So the new bed will be a permanent design update that will stay with all color scheme options from now on. Although, the color would most likely be brown or dark brown with other color schemes.

I also updated the exterior living room wall design. Notice the wall is more rounded as it transitions into the bay windows. This is a permanent design update that will stay with all color scheme options going foward. This also made a cleaner transition into the chimney.

With parts in existing colors, some of the windows would have to be built using solid yellow or black pieces that are printed or use stickers for the window panes. However, if LEGO released this as an official LEGO set, it's possible that they could produce these parts in transparent colors that are printed/stickers.

The below links will open high resolution images of these pictures:


Right Exterior:

Left Exterior:

Front Exterior:



1,500 Supporters Update!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project and shared it with your friends and family!

This purple version of The Victorian Dream Home was inspired by one of my wife's childhood memories. She had a purple Victorian style house in her neighborhood that she would always dream of living in.

Please let the LEGO Ideas team and I know in the comments what color you would prefer for the house!

High resolution image can be downloaded here:


The Victorian Dream Home featured on featured a story by Bonnie Burton on The Victorian Dream Home! You can read the story here.

Also, here are some close-up shots of the thumbnails from the main project images.

Fireplace with light brick on:


Dining Room to Piano Room conversion option:




Additional color scheme option!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project so far and continues to spread the word. Because of your support, this project is the 9th highest trending project this month. We are on track to achieve 1,000 supporters in the first month of this project being published!

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After a lot of experimenting with different colors, here is another color scheme option that I came up with.

This color scheme is still heavy on the dark green and dark red bricks because they are my favorite colored LEGO bricks. Overall, it's much darker because of this. However, I didn't particularly like the way that off white looked or any other lighter color.

Please, let me and the LEGO Ideas team know your preference for the color scheme under the comments tab.

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