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The Victorian Dream Home


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Are you like me and dream of one day owning a Victorian style home? Is there something keeping that dream from becoming a reality?

Well, then this Victorian Dream Home is for you. I created this project to fulfill that dream in some small way while also hoping to fulfill another dream of mine; to design a real LEGO set.

If you like the idea of this project as a LEGO set and would want LEGO Ideas to release one, please cast your vote by clicking the support button. It’s free to support and setup a LEGO ID. Also, by supporting The Victorian Dream Home, you are NOT obligated to buy it if it is released in the future.

If this project reaches 10,000 supporters, then LEGO Ideas will consider it for an official LEGO set. If they decide to release an official version, the final design will be created by LEGO Master Builders. Mine is only a prototype.

The below details may change or be modified in the updates tab above. LEGO Ideas may also decide to change some of these details if this project passes the LEGO review phase.

Details –

Prototype Part Count: 3,000 pieces

Difficulty Level: Hard (It’s similar to the level of build required for Modular Buildings)

  • Includes 2 minifigures and baby figure

  • Accessory elements include mug & baby bottle

  • Victorian House interior features a removable spiral stair case, chandeliers, grandfather clock, upstairs and downstairs fireplaces, bed, dresser, lamp, tissue box, floor lamp, bookshelf, tufted couch, wing armchair, end table, 2 booth seats, dining table, vase, flowers, candles, wall picture, mirrors above fireplaces, foyer with built in shelving

  • Victorian House exterior features a garden, green grass, wooden wrap-around porch, railing, brick chimney, weather vane, finials, 2 decorative gables, porch arches, turret, 2 stained glass windows, bay windows, window planters with flowers, front porch lanterns, wall mounted mailbox, crawl space vents, brick foundation

  • Includes built tree, built bush, built porch columns, built staircase, built bassinet, and built grand piano

  • Dark green, dark red, dark orange, and white color scheme

  • Light up the fireplace with the LEGO light brick! Light brick is concealed in the chimney base

  • Replace the dinette set with the grand piano to make a music room

  • Victorian House measures over 10.5" (26.67cm) high, 9” (22.86cm) deep and 14” (35.56cm) wide

If I could own any kind of house, it would be a Queen Anne style Victorian house. They are the epitome of craftsmanship and whimsy. To me, they immediately inspire a story which means they are a perfect fit for a LEGO set.

If you haven’t purchased a LEGO Ideas set before, the instruction book they come with typically includes additional information about what it is based on. This adds an educational element to these sets which would also be helpful for this project.

This home would be a stand-alone set and is not meant to be an addition to the existing modular building theme. I originally designed a complete house, but the part count ended up being well over the 3,000 piece limit for LEGO Ideas projects. So I had to sacrifice the back half of the house and try to include as much as possible in the front half. After building my prototype in real life, I re-designed the interior significantly for ease of playability. The angle of the backside is necessary considering the asymmetric design of the façade. As a happy accident, I came up with a staircase that is easily removable for added play room downstairs.

This set took me 3 months to design. The only free time I had to finish this project was after my day job. I would spend many hours working late into the night, sometimes not sleeping, trying to design the best model I could. Like most of my LEGO designs, I started building this as a challenge to myself to see if I could even accomplish what I was looking for.

I chose this particular color scheme because I love dark green and dark red LEGO bricks. The main walls of the house are white to allow for the most contrast and enable a person to be able to see the build details better, even from a small thumbnail image.

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