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Boston Spaceship


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Great rock bands have great spaceships, and BOSTON's upside-down guitar ship was one of the classics.

Boston was formed by guitarist, songwriter, and producer Tom Scholz in the mid 1970's, and by the end of the decade the band had achieved massive success through their first two blockbuster albums: the self-titled debut album "Boston" in 1976 and its followup "Don't Look Back" in 1978. Boston continues to tour and record to this day, entertaining millions of fans worldwide.

Boston's album covers frequently feature a giant hovering spaceship which was actually an upside-down guitar. On the top of the "ship" was an enormous dome containing the entire skyline of the city of Boston.  This Lego model preserves the entire floating guitar design, but with the ability to easily detach and re-attach the saucer section from the neck!.

Boston's musical mastermind Tom Scholz is also included as a minifigure, wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and sporting a rock and roll haircut and a splashy red guitar!

"Don't Look Back"... this project is much "More Than a Feeling"!

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