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Ocean Heights


The Story

Jed Miller, his wife Sue and their daughter Katie have been living in the house for a few months.

Jed, an architect, has designed many high-end homes for his rich and famous clients and decided that it was time for his family to enjoy one of his award-winning designs.

He acquired the land with the help of one of his clients and got to work. Most of the house was built by himself with the help of many of his trusted contacts in the building trade.

The family enjoy their breakfast with the sea breeze blowing through the large balcony doors.

The build/idea

The project started with the rocks. They were part of another one of my projects on Ideas, and I was so pleased with the rock design I decided to expand them and add a third side with a small beach. Then I had to decide what to put on top. I did a bit of research and settled on a modern house with lots of windows.  I had a rummage through my light grey bricks and quickly decided on the pillars and the grille bricks.

Once I’d built the two layers, I had to then think about the roof. I experimented with a slightly pitched roof, but in the end I decided on a simple tiled flat roof. The solar panels give the plain roof some character.

The spiral staircase was added very early on, it was built before the main house. The interiors were fairly simple to design and I’m very pleased I managed to get everything in to such a small space. The bathroom space was tiny so I added a hinged side so it can be accessed, and of course it couldn’t have clear glass windows!

The build has approximately 1738 pieces, approximately. In the highly unlikely event the set reaches the review stage, and a one in a zillion chance it gets approved, the set could be completely redesigned by TLG to make it with less pieces. Sorted.

I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing the project, and if so, please vote for it to become an official set.

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