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Retro Robo Desk Mate


Retro Robo Desk Mate is the ideal desk buddy for anyone that has a desk! - for school or office!
it comes with a 'secret' compartment, where turning the wind up key allows you to open
and pull out a compartment where you can place tiny things such as sharpeners* or coins
or even a small USB data disk (for super secret spy stuff - like planning a surprise party).

It has 7 functions (6 work, 1 bored at work)
Work functions:

  1. Turn key secret compartment -turn the key to unlock
  2. Paper clip compartment* - lift the top of its head to reveal compartment!
  3. Small front compartment - tiny box for tiny objects!
  4. Red flash light - press the button at the back of head!
  5. Card holder - holds up to 2 cards!
  6. Paper weight - up to 20 pcs of paper!

Bored at work functions:

  1. Santa Mode - to liven up those mandatory office holiday events! (note: does not bring gifts)

Other things it can do:

  1. Moving arms and hands
  2. 360 deg. head rotation
  3. Articulating antenna and mood meter (blue to red)
  4. Has dreamy blue eyes

Bonus feature:

  1. Hang rubber bands on antennas or hands!

Paper clips, staples, and pencil sharpeners are not part of the set.
*for visual representation only

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