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Bicycle Evolution

The project
When I started building the "Penny-Farthing" I realized that there are more and intriguing bicycle designs in bicycle history. This project represents 4 different and important stages in bicycle evolution (last picture from left to right):
The Draisine (1820)
The Two-Wheel Velocipede (1840)
The Pedal-Bicycle (1860)
The High-Wheel Bicycle or "Penny-Farthing" (1870)

The project contains 983 bricks in total. All the bicycles make awesome display pieces. Therefore they could be mounted to your wall or displayed on your desk. Furthermore they feature functional wheels and steering.
Let's celebrate the bicycle and make this a real LEGO set.
Don't forget we need 10.000 supporters to get the chance of making this a real set. Support and share this project with fellow bicycle enthusiasts!

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