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Battle of the Sea


It was one of my favourite games as a child. Not only because we could play it at any time during school holidays, drawing the "battlefield" on a checkered board, but also because I had a version of it that made sounds. There were sensors under each square and if there was a ship there it made an explosion sound, if not there was something else, I can't remember the exact sound. What sticks in my mind is the explosion sounds. The point is that it is an extremely simple but fun game, this "Torpedo" (abroad it was called Battleship).
I tried to post this idea before, but it was rejected due to IP problems. Since then, however, several more sets with this theme have been posted on the ideas site, so I pulled this project out again and adapted it to my favourite Lego theme, pirates.
Both players have two boards that they can nest inside each other and the top board can be moved to provide cover to the opposing player and keep them from seeing our own ships. Also included in the set are a pair of glow-in-the-dark dice. I have tried to make the ships in colours that echo the colours of previous kits. Like 10210, 6274 or 6271. But on the pirate side there are also 6286, 6285 and 6268.
There are several versions of the game, I have chosen the one with the following ships on both sides:
1 of 4 units long
2 of 3 units long
3db 2 units long
4pcs 1 unit long
Take the two red or yellow boards in front of you. Fit them together and adjust the tilt of the top board (for example, as shown in the pictures). Arrange the boats on the board on the table so that they cannot touch each other horizontally or vertically. Once this is done, decide who will start the game. This can be done in several ways, by a coin toss, by using a dice roll or even by playing rock-paper-scissors.

The starting player says a number between 1 and 10 and a letter between A and J. This determines the horizontal and vertical coordinates, for example C4. He then aims and shoots. The opponent then checks for a hit and shares this with the shooter. If a hit is found, the shooter places a red marker (yellow marker for the player on the yellow side) on the coordinate on the part of the board where the opponent's ships are marked. He has placed his own fleet on the other. This is the virgin area. In the same way, the attacked party marks the hit on the ship itself. Then it's the player's turn again, until he makes a mistake. However, if there is no hit, then a white marker is used by everyone on the boards. 

Just don't forget where you shot! And so it goes alternately until one fleet is destroyed.

Important! If the ship has received a mercy shot, it must be announced "Hit, sunk". From this we can compare and count the remaining fleet. 

Which you will find in the set:
40pcs red markers
40pcs yellow markers
320pcs white markers
20pcs ships (different sizes for both players)
2pcs red matching boards
2pcs yellow matcing boards
1 cover (with the name of the game)
 The set consists of 2879 pieces.

I hope you like my set, and you vote for it.

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