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Airport Express



     That's the sound of the Airport Express, as it roars through Lego City delivering passengers to and from the airport and other select destinations. Capable of carrying 10 passengers in this small high speed train, it is easily capable of being the coolest and funnest way to go about the city. This train also comes with functional doors in the engine and diaphragms connecting all the cars, making it easy for the conductor to check tickets and make repairs to the engine.

     However, unlike other Lego trains, this does something different: It runs on narrow gauge track, not unlike that found in the Indiana Jones Lego sets. This allows the train to be smaller, funner, and easier to put in your Lego train and city layouts. This is also what lets this set stand at its estimated $60 price point with 628 pieces, meaning that even the youngest of Lego fans can easily get and build this set. It also has only one mini figure: a conductor who operates the train, as this set can easily go with virtually any and all Lego City and Creator sets. Ideally it would also contain a small length of straight rail on a base decorated with rail ties and ballast, to make displaying this set even easier.

     It's been far too long since we've had a small train to service our Lego cities and airports, the last being the 6399 Airport Shuttle, and I intend to change that. The Airport Express is a small 4 wide high speed train designed to service airports, train stations, and function as a commuter rail system at the heart of every Lego city. It draws heritage and inspiration from every other Lego train that comes before it, and I intend to let this be its driving force as it nears the 50th Anniversary of Lego trains. 

     It's small economic design is perfect for the size of a Lego Ideas set and it possesses no specialized parts, printing, or parts in unavailable colors. The only exception is the windshield, which hasn't been used for quite a long time. The entire train can be built currently using services like Bricklink, but that'd be a disservice to all but the most hardcore Lego fans. It's also small in part count, possessing only 628 parts which could easily match the PPP (price per part) of current Lego Ideas sets like 23103 WALL*E or 23102 The Big Bang Theory, which retail at $50 and $60, respectively. If you're interested in this set, I gladly invite you to press the Support Button.

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