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Return to Sabre Island


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The Imperial Guards have stood watch over Sabre Island for decades. A captive pirate has warned that the Black Seas Barracuda will sail again one day soon. Are the Imperial Guards prepared for the battle that awaits?

A broken floorboard in the prison cell provides an ingenious escape route for the pirate through the rocky ocean cavern below the fort. Will he pull off the escape and find the treasures hidden throughout Sabre Island, or will the Blue Coats thwart his plan?

Mysteries abound on Sabre Island. Can the curious girl discover the hidden treasures before the pirate? What secrets does the old man in the tavern know about the island? Is there more to the man who runs the market than meets the eye?

Answer these questions and much more in... Return to Sabre Island!

Set highlights

  • 2999 pieces
  • 10 Minifigures
  • Modular fort with a prison cell, planning room, and two cannon emplacements
  • Modular dock with a market, Imperial Guards' office, tavern, and inn
  • Admiral statue to remind the guards of their duty
  • Bell tower to warn of pirate raids
  • Spot the hidden rodent and cheese
  • Timber model ship
  • Hidden treasure
  • Secret trapdoor under the market
  • Tavern access from the Guards' office
  • Broken floorboards for a sneaky escape from the prison
  • 64 studs x 32 studs, including modular pin connections from the dock
  • Off-stud, SNOT, and plenty of other unique building techniques to enjoy
  • Plus many more play features!

Growing up in the 90s, I fondly remember the late 80s and early 90s LEGO Pirates sets. Return to Sabre Island is a modern homage to those iconic sets. This would be a fantastic set to give the Imperial Guards a base on par with the Pirates of Barracuda Bay.

Thank you for your vote! I hope to create more memories with my children while playing with an official Return to Sabre Island LEGO set.

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