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221B Baker Street


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For all you out there tensely waiting for a Sherlock set, you can now relax!  For all the Sherlock fans out there (and mostly for my SuperWhoLock sister), I have created a detailed replica of 221B Baker Street.  It includes street-side lampposts, a bus stop, a street sign, a fence with a gate around the apartments, postboxes, flowers and plants inside the fence, and a dog kennel with little furry occupant.  Inside on the first floor of Sherlock's apartment, we have a kitchen including refrigerator (complete with severed head inside and magnets on the outside), stove top/oven with pot, a couch with a small table beside it holding a drinking glass, fireplace, and stairs leading up to second floor.  The second floor of Sherlock's apartment features a hat rack with deerstalker and bowler hat, John's writing desk with lamp and phone, Sherlock's easy chair, and a bookcase with a skull on it (I wonder who's skull?).  The first floor of the opposite apartment contains a different colored couch, a refrigerator (minus severed head), stove top/oven with pot and pan, and fireplace.  The second floor of the opposite apartment is detailed with stacked crates, easy chair, a different hat rack holding a rain hood, and bookcase.  Minifigures include Sherlock, John, Mrs. Hudson, neighbor, and three townspeople.  Hope you like this model.  Please support.  

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